What are the setting for charging US2000 Pylontech

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What are the setting for charging US2000 Pylontech

Question: What are the setting for charging Pylontech US2000 batteries with Conversol V5 and Axpert 5kW

My system is composed by 2 Pylontech US2000 Lithium Batteries and Conversol V5 Super Inverter

Settings on the inverter:
01 – SBU
05 – PYL
12 – 46.0V
13 – 51.0v
16 – SLb UdC – Solar energy provides power to the load first and disallows the utility to charge Battery

The problem is that this last setting (16) Won´t work without the battery reach a determined amount of charge. I have already change the setting 13 for a lower value that the battery has, for trying to the inverter change for Solar Energy, but nothing happens. Still charge the battery until they reach an amount ( i think that the battery sends information to the inverter for let the inverter change for the condition choose on setting 16…)

If i have enough power delivered by solar energy panels, that can use with the loads and charge the battery at same time… but this situation doesn´t occur …. Until the Battery doesn´t reach a determined amount of charge the inverter is Bypass from Utility.

In my other conversol ( before i have this new one )hen the amount of charge in battery reach the value defined on 13 setting parameter – The inverter change for Solar Energy delivered to the loads and the rest off power charge the battery.

Do i have to do another setting ?

And if I don´t use the Ply Setting (5), and Choose – USE ( User- Defined), maybe the inverter change when reaching the amount…

What the Settings that i have to do, if i want to choose the USE ( User-Defined) Setting on the inverter.


If the inverter is made before 2018  the parameters are set manually. The WatchPower menu offer the option to set “user defined” batteries. Under this section, the battery’s charging and discharging parameters (i.e voltage and current) are:

Program/Menu Settings required for US2000
Program 02 Set to N*25A, N=battery amount
Program 05 Set to USE
Program 12 Set to 48V
Program 13 Set to 51V
Program 26 Set to 53.2V
Program 29 Set to 47.5V

US2000B installed with BMS compatible Conversol inverter