How to Resolve Error 61 with Pylontech Lithium Batteries and Voltacon Off-Grid Inverters

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How to Resolve Error 61 with Pylontech Lithium Batteries and Voltacon Off-Grid Inverters

Read this quick guide to set up the BMS for Pylontech US2000C/US3000C/US5000 and Off Grid Solar Inverter

Error 61 means that the batteries are not communicating with the inverter, and the BMS is not installed successfully. There are a few reasons why:

  1. Incompatible batteries, the protocol can not communicate with the inverter
  2.  The right RJ45 serial BMS cables are not connected or it is wrongly designed
  3. The battery settings in the inverter menu 5 are not selected correctly.
  4. The dip switches on the master battery are not adjusted.

How can I resolve this error?

  1. Use the BMS cable that comes with the inverter (not with the battery), the supplier of the battery normally provides a generic RJ45 cable with a straight connection. For Voltacon off-grid inverters, use the BMS RJ45 serial cable with the correct pin layout:  3&5 pins on the inverter (P2) end, 7&8 pin on the battery (P1)



2. Use a custom-made RJ45 cable to connect the inverter and Lithium battery, turn on the Lithium battery, and ensure that the battery type is “PYL” in LCD program 5.

3. The BMS port is available on all Voltacon off-grid and hybrid inverters, if you do not have a BMS port please avoid using lithium batteries.


4. Dip Switch 1 is moved to the On position, and dip switches, 2,3,4 remain in default off-position

The 2nd ,3rd,  4th,  nth batteries in the system must have the dip switches in the default position (OFF)


5. Connect Link Port1 from Master battery to Link Port 0 to the second battery. Repeat the wiring with the short RJ45 BMS/Straight cables until you wire all the batteries in the system. Notice the LINK PORT 0 of the master battery will remain UNUSED


NOTICE 1: Do not use the CAN BUS port on the battery, the Voltacon inverters communicate only via the RS485 serial port on the battery.

NOTICE 2: The Console port on the battery and COM port on the inverter are used for programming or remote monitoring of the parameters of the system