How to pair Voltacon Lithium Ion Battery 2.4kWh & 5.12kWh with Off Grid & Hybrid Inverters

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How to pair Voltacon Lithium Ion Battery 2.4kWh & 5.12kWh with Off Grid & Hybrid Inverters

The new lithium ion battery made by Voltacon has a sophisticated BMS (battery management system) that protects the batteries from high temperatures, short circuits, unbalanced current sharing and over charging.

To ensure a smooth and harmonious operation the solar inverter should communicate with the battery. That means the charging parameters are set automatically, so the User does not have to fine tune any settings. The equalization process between the lithium ion cells is also performed in regular interval without interrupting the supply of energy.

For the Conversol  and Axpert off grid inverters the Lithium Ion Port of the inverter is connected to the serial port of the battery. The CAN bus is not used.

Step 1.

The right BMS cable is required for the communication between the inverter and the battery. Please use the special RJ45 ethernet type cable made by Voltacon only.

Step 2.

Connect the BMS Communication Cable RJ45 from the master (1st) battery serial port to the designated serial port of the inverter with marking Li-Ion


Step 3.

Set the 1st dip-switch up and the rest of the switches down. Only the master battery requires the dip switches adjusted (Up, Down, Down, Down, Down)

Step 4.

You have to navigate to menu 5 (press enter button for 3 seconds to enter the menu) of the off grid inverter and select the option LIC. When you find LIC press enter and then return to the main menu (press return button to top left corner of the LCD)


Warning Message 61. How to reset it


If all three points are respected below and the settings are correct, you have to restart the system and the warning 61 will disappear.

Condition 1: The BMS cable has the correct pin in use (1, 3 pin on the battery and 3,5 on the inverter)

Condition 2: The 1st dip switch is ON the switches 2,3,4 are down on the master battery

Condition 3. The menu 05 is set to LIC.