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How to avoid deep discharging of GEL batteries using Hybrid 10kW three phase inverters – Voltasol HSI1000

I have the HSI10000 hybrid inverter connected to a 22kWh 48v Hoppecke battery bank. In general it is working fine and I think it is a greatsetup. I am running in grid-tie with backup mode and only charging the batteries using PV power.

But the problem is that even when batteries are in stand-by the inverter consumes power from the battery bank. The inverter reports 0 amps but in reality it is ~2.5A.

If you look at the attached excel sheet and images you can see that the inverter says zero amps the whole period but in fact it is >2.5 A going from the batteries and that is why voltage is decreasing.

In 13 hours voltage drops from 51,1 to 50,1 without being used.


This is what the product design. In order not to use the power from grid, we designed this product to use the power from battery for the internal SPS power circuit.

To avoid the battery to be discharged deeply, when the battery voltage is less than low cut off voltage then the AC charger will be turned ON for a short period of time to make sure the battery voltage always keeps higher than the setting of low cut off voltage.


How to Set up 5Kw V5 inverter to operate with generator


The Program 01 is set to SBU. Hence, the inverter would only accept the AC grid power when the battery voltage is less than 46Vdc (in Setting 12). You could check the result by changing Program 01 to USb to check the result.


NC and NO auxiliary contacts to start AC-Generator

The gen set switch should be shorted to turn ON. Hence, you should use NO (Normally Open). Then it will close when battery capacity is low.