Which Electric Vehicles Are Compatible with Bidirectional Quasar Charger

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June 9, 2022

Which Electric Vehicles Are Compatible with Bidirectional Quasar Charger

nissan leaf bidirectional charger
Yes the Nissan Leaf is one for the few vehicles capable of bi-directional charging.
Below is some information on the current capabilities of the Quasar.

Quasar’s main applications can be divided into V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) and V2H (Vehicle-to-Home), depending on the user/company needs and services that want to be provided to the end-user:

V2G enables grid services (Charging and discharging commands based on grid control requirements), Energy sale & Frequency regulation, as well as Grid stabilization. This is currently possible with Quasar when it is controlled externally by a 3rd party backend that can monitor the grid and control the charger. The external control is done via OCPP 1.6 protocol. No proprietary SW is developed for V2G applications.

V2H allows end-users (domestic users) to control the energy flow within their home boundaries, without discharging (exporting) to the grid. This unlocks benefits such as:

Arbitrage: Sending energy from vehicle to home when electricity is more expensive
Safety discharge: Home peak demands covered by the EV
Power supply savings: No upgrades needed or even potential downgrades

V2H will soon be possible with Wallbox proprietary SW but we are still developing it and defining the installation requirements before rolling it out to our B2B2C customers (installers/distributors).Among others already available on the App, the features that the new App release will include are:

Power Boost (additional power meter needed)
Smart discharge
Preventive/Safety discharge (the Quasar discharges the vehicle when the home consumption approaches the power supply limit)

Quasar is only compatible with Nissan Leaf vehicles right now, being the CHAdeMO connector the only one that allows bidirectionality.

Up to 7.4 kW of power for charging or discharging. It’s compatible with CHAdeMO charging cable and is connected to the myWallbox app through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, or 4G (optional).
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