Installation of 1kW Wind Turbine on Metallic Building for Hybrid Electricity with Solar

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Installation of 1kW Wind Turbine on Metallic Building for Hybrid Electricity with Solar

1KW Wind Generator on Voltacon's warehouse

The installation of wind turbines on building is not trivial, it requires careful consideration and a special mechanical study. The safety is also paramount before erecting a generator with blades that spin over 600 rpm.

In this post, we revealed how the W.T  is integrated on an industrial , metallic building.

It is not entirely recommended our 1kW Airforce 1 wind turbine is suitable for building,  as this would cause turbulence,  in addition as the wind blows against the turbine a noise resonance may be heard within the building. Therefore, ideally the turbine should be erected on a free-standing tower 7 – 8 metres high away from obstacles.

Picture 1. Bespoke steel mounting on steel pillars.

Steel pipes with stainless-steel nuts & bolts are securely mounted on the post of the warehouse.


Picture 3. The permanent magnet generator ready to harvest the wind 10 meters above the ground.

Is Wind Turbine The Right Renewable Energy Source for You ?


Producing off grid energy from the wind can be an ideal source in a rural location for caravan camping, glamping or at an outdoor event as a power supply.

The project starts with a site assement , you can access a wind speed database such as Enter the postcode of the location you wish to site a wind turbine. The data base contains the average wind speed in metres/second (m/s) at various heights. Ideally anything above 5.5m/s at 10 metres, otherwise a wind turbine may not be a viable option for you. Variations can occur depending on the elevation of the land.

At 5.5 m/s with a clean air site the Futur Energy Airforce1 wind turbine could produce an estimated 1100kw per year, so if the average wind speed is more than 5.5m/s this is all the better.

A good wind site location for a horizontal wind turbine needs to be in a rural location in clean air area away from trees, hedges, walls, and buildings which may cause turbulence. Therefore, do you have the correct conditions to produce the power you require? By comparing how much power you potentially need (to run appliances) to the wind speed in your area and how much power you can potentially produce is a good indicator to see if this energy source will work for you.

Example: Average Wind Speed 5.5m/s = estimated 1100kwh = 1100kwh of electricity over 12 months or more if the wind speed is higher. At 6.5m/s this would increase to an estimated 1800kwh and at 7.5m/s an estimated 2,500kwh increasing exponentially.

Wind works hrmoniously with solar photovoltaics as a hybrid system combines the best of both worlds taking advantage of the sun in the summer and the wind in the winter.

Storing the power created by both sources in a lithium battery or lead acid enables the use of the energy generated on demand. The battery energy may be used off-grid or on grid with hyrbid inverters or off-grid inverters

Not just any wind will do. For a wind turbine to operate efficiently it needs air that moves uniformly in the same direction and is strong enough to provide sufficient energy to turn the turbine. In general, the higher the turbine is above the local environment, the stronger and more stable the wind will be.



Designer and developer of solar photovoltaic systems from 1kW to Megawatt range. Steve worked for Alstom and General Electric for 11 years. He develops solar inverter and complete systems with energy storage that are affordable, easy to install, and have a quick return on investment.

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