How to apply for an EV charger grant in the UK

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How to apply for an EV charger grant in the UK

EV Charging Incentives for Private Individuals

EV charger grant for homes

• Download and complete the application form.

• You must provide evidence of ownership, lease, and be named as the primary user of an eligible electric vehicle in order to be able to qualify for the grant. The registration number of the vehicle must be provided too.

• For more information and to find out if you are eligible, click here.

• For a list of approved installers, click here.

For general enquiries email: To contact the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) directly you can email:


EV charger grant for homes in Scotland

• Register and complete the online application form here.

• Upload proof that you own or have recently ordered an EV. Ensure the document has details of the vehicle and your name (or if applicable your employers name).

• If the EV you drive is a company car and your name is not on the proof of ownership or lease, you must provide a copy of the Annex 1 document, which confirms you are the designated driver.

• Upload the quote from your chosen installer.

For general enquiries email: To contact the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) directly you can email:


EV Charging Incentives for Businesses

EV charger grant for workplaces

• You can apply online here.

• You will need your Companies House ID/ UK VAT registration number. EV charger grant for workplaces in Scotland

• To receive funding, register your interest via email to

• In the email include:

1. The subject heading: ‘Public Charge Point Funding Registration of Interest 2020’
2.Your organization’s name and contact email address
3.The postcode(s) of any unit(s) you are interested in hosting


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OLEV (Office of Low Emission Vehicles) EVHS £350 (Home Charger) Grant Application Form

A step by step guide for a successful application

After downloading Annex D Part A Form (See right >) – Please tick ✓ and provide evidence as required in section 2.

  • If the car is registered privately: ✓ Box and provide a copy of either V5C or Order Confirmation or Other Proof Of Purchase.
  • If the car is leased privately: ✓ relevant Box and provide a copy of any of the contract documents listed.
  • Please (if applicable) Tick ALL Boxes Section 4 – Note: (pg 28) In particular – Please tick the first box, (if I have possession….) which can confuse people to leave blank or write N/A – OLEV require this box to be ticked.
  • Please complete Part A – print, hand-sign (by the primary user of the car) scan (together with your supporting document), and email to
  • PLEASE NOTE: We need to receive your correctly completed OLEV Annex D – Part A and supporting Document in order to arrange your installation date.


OLEV £350 EVHS (Home Charge Scheme) Eligibility Checklist:

  • You have private or designated off-street parking.
  • Your plug-in car must be purchased after April 2015.
  • You have not made a previous grant-claim for your vehicle.
  • You cannot exceed the allowed limit of two OLEV grant-funded charge points (one each), per-vehicle-per-home.
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