How to select the right 5kW MPPT off grid solar inverter 48V/230VAC. A simple guide

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December 20, 2020
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How to select the right 5kW MPPT off grid solar inverter 48V/230VAC. A simple guide

Selection guide for Conversol off-grid inverters 48V battery based.

For large off-grid solar photovoltaic systems, the 48V battery-based system is the right solution because the current rating for the same power is reduced and smaller cables are required. 12V and 24V find more use in small systems up to 3000Watt.


Voltacon’s range of inverters consists of 5 models each one serves specific applications. Before you buy any 48V, 5kW inverter with integrated battery charger, it is very important to answer the following question. It eliminates the risk to invest in the wrong item that does not perform correctly with your solar panels.


What should I know before buying 48V inverters?

  1. Is there any chance to expand my system in the future?
  2. What is the distance between the inverter and solar panels?
  3. Are all the panels installed on the same orientation and angle?
  4. What is the peak power with multiple appliances switched together?
  5. What is the right float charge and equalization voltage for my batteries?


Off-grid inverters 48V/230VAC – Selection Guide

 Inverter ModelV5VM IIIS6MaxS2
PV Input Volts145V500V500V500V145V
Max PV Charge80A80A80A2x 80A2X 60A
MPPT Input11122
Solar PV Watt4500W5000W4500W2x 4000W2x 3000w
Parallel (up to 6)YesNoYesYesNo
Battery IndependentNoYesYesYesNo
MPPT Range60-115V120-450V120-430V90-450V60-115V
Max Charge Volts63V61V63V63V58.4V
BMS – Lithium-IonYesYesYesYesYes

The key electrical specification of Conversol 5kW & 7.2kw off-grid inverter with 48V battery-based system. The table works as a user guide before you buy a solar inverter.

The product page with the complete range of 48V inverter is available here


V5, S6 and S2 for Parallel Function

The Conversol’s V5, S6, S2 all offer you the ability to expand and add up 6 inverters in parallel. Mix and max is not allowed. An inverter will communicate in parallel only with an identical inverter. It is not possible to connect in parallel a V5 with an S6 for example.


Solar panels facing two different orientations

If the photovoltaic panels are separated into two groups each one facing a different orientation or the angle of inclination differs between the two PV arrays, it is important to select the Conversol S2 or Conversol MAX


Long-distance between PV and inverter

If the cables of the photovoltaic arrays are installed far from the solar inverter, then an inverter with MPPT voltage range is necessary to cover the voltage drop and resistance losses in the cables. The 120-450Vdc inverters work well within the MPPT window even when the distance is over 100 meters. For long cable runs, the cross-section is a minimum of 10mm

Suitable inverters: 5kW off-grid inverter Conversol S6 (MKS-III) or the 7.2kW max.


Bulk charge and equalization voltage

Flooded lead-acid batteries (OPzV and OpzS) due to the chemical consistency and valve-regulated tubular plate structure, require higher equalization voltage at 62-63V. The Conversol V5, MKS-III and Max are the right inverters for flooded batteries.


BMS Compatible inverter with lithium-ion batteries

The entire range of inverters is now compatible with the BMS protocol of lithium-ion batteries, including the new Li-2021, US2000, DLG, and other brands with RS485 compatible communication port.


How to identify the inverters – Photo gallery


Conversol S2, DUO MPPT Inverter Charger, 5kW, 48V, 145Vdc

Conversol VM III 5kW 48V, MPPT, High Voltage 450V

Conversol V5, 5kW, 48V, MPPT, 145Vdc

Conversol MAX 7.2kW, Dual MPPT, 500Vdc.

For more information, our technical experts in our UK based offices will be happy to assist you further. If you are unsure which inverter to choose please email us here:
Designer and developer of solar photovoltaic systems from 1kW to Megawatt range. Steve worked for Alstom and General Electric for 11 years. He develops solar inverter and complete systems with energy storage that are affordable, easy to install, and have a quick return on investment.

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