New Solar Installation on Voltacon’s Industrial Roof

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October 8, 2019
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December 17, 2019

New Solar Installation on Voltacon’s Industrial Roof

We recently fitted our newly built warehouse with 16 of our best selling Solar Panels, the Eging PV Solar Panel 310W Monocrystalline. In order to install the panels we used our seamless “Easy Plan” Aluminium mounting system. It doesn’t require drilling the roof and it’s a simple and low-cost mounting kit.

There are many advantages in using the “Easy Plan” Aluminium mounting system. It simplifies the installation procedure of the Solar Panels drastically. With the Easy Plan mounting kit there’s no reason to not become power independent, making a solar system not only a smart financial investment, but also effortless to implement.

The mounting kit also allows for a 1 to 35 degrees angle inclination of the solar panels, allowing you to find the perfect set-up for your installation. The durability of the Easy Plan mounting system is confirmed by the 15 years manufacturing warranty.

Designer and developer of solar photovoltaic systems from 1kW to Megawatt range. Steve worked for Alstom and General Electric for 11 years. He develops solar inverter and complete systems with energy storage that are affordable, easy to install, and have a quick return on investment.

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