Production line of Silent Power Off-Grid Cabinets

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September 16, 2019
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December 5, 2019

Production line of Silent Power Off-Grid Cabinets

How it is made

Our Electrical Engineers have over 35 years experience in the assembly of electrical panels, industrial automation and packaged electronic products. Safety and quality are paramount features in all products, we use recognised brands for the electrical protection devices such as ABB, Gave-Electro, CITEL, Hager and Socomec.

Our skilled and extremely experienced Senior Engineering is transferring knowledge to the new generation of technicians.
Assembly of cable trunking on mild steel back plate.

Silent Power cabinet is the first solar photovoltaic cabinet that is delivered fully assembled with all the protection and monitoring devices around a combined inverter / charger unit. Our design team simplified solar technology and lower the cost of turnkey solution making the off grid electrification, simple, affordable and easy to use.

The first generation was fabricated in 2018 since in the first 6 months, we deployed over 100 cabinets around the world. The range covers 24V and 48V battery based off grid systems with utility or diesel generators to act as a back up. The output power is 5kW and 10kW at 230VAC pure sinewave.

Serviceable and Maintenance Free

There are many solar inverters in the market but only a few solution can be serviced or repaired at very low cost if something will go wrong. The whole concept might look simple and basic but the philosophy of our system is to keep it that way to enable the users to repair or service their system without spending a fortune.

Victron shut resistor that measure the current (Amps) flow in and out the battery bank. On the left Gave Electro DC isolator with 160A fuses, essential protection for batteries.
The critical safety switches for short circuit protection and over current are supplied by ABB. In the picture MCBs 40A protect the AC output to the home appliances.
Power terminals blocs for the PV string connections. The solar panels are protected by 15A fuses further upwards on the control panel.
Voltacon Technician installs the 5kW solar inverter
Finished control cabinet fitted with 5kW MPPT inverter charger with MPPT control. The power inputs and auxiliary terminals are placed on the left side of cabinet. Silent cooling fans extra any excess heat which is controlled by a thermostat.
The cabinet with the door closed, a Victron energy monitor display allows the users to check the energy flow in and out of the batteries.
Silent power control cabinet with off grid inverter 48V.
Concept diagram of the Silent Power Control Cabinet. In case of emergency the inverter is connected to a fixed grid supply or diesel generator. A GPRS or Wi-Fi modem will transit the data of the system worldwide via the web.

Silent power is made to serve appliacations from 5kW AC and 48V batteries. The choice of batteries is quite wide since the system is ready to accept lithium ion , lead acid and gel batteries.

Designer and developer of solar photovoltaic systems from 1kW to Megawatt range. Steve worked for Alstom and General Electric for 11 years. He develops solar inverter and complete systems with energy storage that are affordable, easy to install, and have a quick return on investment.

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