The Fire Safety Rapid Shut Down Switch for Solar Panels

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The Fire Safety Rapid Shut Down Switch for Solar Panels

The BFS-S4 Fire Safety Switch

The BFS-S4 is a firefighter isolation switch for solar installations. Fire safety switches are required by insurance companies in all solar-powered buildings. This tailored solution ensures robust fire protection and total insurance compliance. The BFS-S4 fire safety switch is a string level load break disconnect device. It’s meant for solar rooftop installations, and it’s designed to protect firefighters and building infrastructure.

This device offers a variety of disconnect methods to remove high DC voltage and avoid the risk of electrocution. This model provides a reliable DC disconnect solution, which functions mechanically and delivers complete isolation in the event of a fault. Manual shutdown is also available, with fire services able to isolate DC power without being rooftop. The switch is activated with a motorised device.

The BFS-S4 delivers:

  • Over temperature protection — automatic shutdown
  • Main AC power shutdown — manual operation
  • AC power loss triggers DC power — automatic shutdown
  • Keeps DC power isolated and disconnected, even when AC power comes back

This device helps to protect firefighters from DC electric shock. The IP66 aluminium enclosure features a breathing valve, and a protection cover for rooftop installations is also available. The BFS-S4 fire safety switch is a genuine MC4 plug-and-play device with a Ul508i listed and IEC PV2 DC switch.

1 Solar PV String Rapid Shutdown Box

2 Solar PV Strings Rapid Shutdown Box

3 Solar PV Strings Rapid Shutdown Box

4 Solar PV Strings Rapid Shutdown Box

Available online


BFS-S4 highlights:

  • Up to 1500V DC
  • Up to 50 Amp
  • 4 strings
  • IP66 aluminium enclosure with breathing valve
  • UL508i listed and IEC PV2 DC switch
  • 25-year warranty
  • Original plug-and-play MC4 connectors
  • Protection cover for rooftop installations is available

If you demand operational confidence and insurance compliance, the BFS-S4 switch is an unbeatable fire safety solution.



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