How to install solar panels on pitched roof with tiles.

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June 9, 2022
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September 11, 2022

How to install solar panels on pitched roof with tiles.

The installation of solar panels on pitched roof is a quite daunting topic, there are many unknown parameters before we start the procedure. The majoity of the roofs will stand easily the extra weight of photovltaics because the 20kg of a module is spread across a surface of 1.8sqmm.

The Easy-Plan stainless hooks with adjustable height will be a safe , water tight , and easy to install system. It is made of the following components

  • Stainless hooks with mounting plate for the rails
  • Aluminium rails 1200mm long
  • Rail connectors for jointing multiple rails together
  • Rail clamp
  • End and middle clamps.

We collected picture from real project on pitched roofs with concrete and ceramic tiles. The substracture is mainly timbers with a waterproof membrane ontop . The system is available to buy online as a pre-configured products, by adding only the number of panels, the website will calculate the right components for portrait or landscape orientation.

Alternative, for special projects, the installer can still purchase the components seperately.



PV mounting rails for solar panels

1200mm rails with clamps on hooks




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