More Solar PV Inverters Added to BMS Compatibility List with 2.4kWh Lithium Ion Batteries

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June 10, 2021
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More Solar PV Inverters Added to BMS Compatibility List with 2.4kWh Lithium Ion Batteries

Off grid and hybrid inverters compatible with BMS Lithium Ion Batteries

Growatt, Voltronic, Victron, Voltacon, Lux Power, Schneider, BMS Compatible Inverter with lithium ion batteries

In August we completed the development of our BMS system and added another 5 brands of inverters.

  1. Victron.
  2. Voltronic/Voltacon
  3. Solis Hybrid
  4. Goodwe
  5. Megarevo
  6. Deye
  7. Studer
  8. KeLong
  9. Growatt
  10. Luxpower
  11. Afore
  12. SRNE
  13. SMT
  14. Schneider Electric

The configuration table is available in the PDF file below. The BMS software is selected by adjusting the 4 switches on the lithium ion battery. The same BMS is also available for the Li-5124, the 100A 5.124kWh battery.

Voltacon Li2021 BMS Configuration Table

The batteries are available to buy directly from Voltacon Solar online shop.

You can watch a related video with the pairing of Victron Multiplus 5kw and the lithium ion batteries


Exclusive images from our test bench

The new LPF consoles stored in 50kg housing 5.12kWh of energy at 48V. The BMS system communicates with 14 inverter brands, special attention is required to use the right pins on the serials (RS485) or CAN Bus ports. Please refer to the following BMS Pin Configuration Inverter Battery

5.124kWh 48V lithium ion battery under BMS testing

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