Quick set up guide for off grid 5kW Conversol with lead acid batteries

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December 11, 2020
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Quick set up guide for off grid 5kW Conversol with lead acid batteries

This is a start up procedure to enable the user to start generating electricity from solar panels and store the energy in AGM lead-acid heavy duty batteries. The installers and operators of the system must read the manual of the inverter and batteries and understand in detail the functions of the inverters. We explain below in simple steps how to set up the solar off grid system with 1 or 2 inverters in parallel and back up from a constant ac source 230VAC.

1. Check the voltage of the PV String

The inverter PV input has a max voltage of 145V. The minimum voltage is 60V. The maximum recommended number of solar panels in series is 3. The polarity of the cables must be checked before connecting to the inverter.

2. Connect multiple strings in a PV Combiner box

When the voltage of all the strings is checked, each individual string should be terminated in a combiner box with surge protection, string fuses 15A, DC breaker/isolator. The combiner box has 2, 3, 4, 5 inputs and a single output connected to the MPPT PV input of the inverter.

3. Set up the batteries

The battery bank (energy storage) consists of 8 blocs with 6V each. A series connection is required to establish 48V DC that is compatible with the inverter battery input. Make sure that you check the polarity of the battery terminals before connecting to the inverter. You have to use the cables and bolts supplied with the energy storage cabinet.

There is also a gave-electro 160A fuse disconnector, that isolates the batteries from the inverter. One fuse is installed on each terminal (positive & negative).

4. Connection of AC Input 230V

The AC input (national grid or an external generator) must be connected only to the inverter AC Input terminal and nowhere else. The AC input should not be connected to the AC OUTPUT of the inverter at any point. If the AC output is live and the AC input is also connected to the AC output, the inverter will be damaged

5. Power up sequence

1. Close the battery fuse disconnector

2. Switch on the inverter from the button located on the LCD screen

3. Switch on the DC isolator in the combiner box

4. Check the screen of the inverter and make sure the AC output is 230V and battery status is healthy and charged over 50%

5. Switch on the MCB that is located at the ac output of the inverter in the consumer unit supplied with the syste,

6. Switching on the inverter for 1st time

It is now safe to switch on the inverter and fine-tune the parameters of the system before connecting the AC output to the consumer unit of the property (the actual AC loads of the households). You can use the bluetooth communication with the free app from google play, the name is “WatchPower”. You can download the software from our server , click here

6.1. Programming the inverter SBU Mode

Please follow below settings. SBU mode operates with the following priorities

A. Solar energy provides power to the loads as 1st priority.
B. If Solar is not sufficient to power all connected loads, the
battery will supply power to the loads at the same time.
C. Utility (230VAC AC Input) provides power to the loads only when the battery voltage drops to either low-level warning voltage OR the setting point in program 12 or solar and battery is not sufficient.

Menu Settings

Program#01: SbU

Program#11 : 2A

Program#12: 46V

Program#13: FUL

With off-grid inverter in SBU mode, it is not possible to disable AC charging. If you wish to minimize the charge rate from the national grid, program 11 should be set to 2A. In SBU if more energy is required and batteries/solar are not able to support, the inverter will operate in bypass mode.

6.2 Programming Batteries

The default setting in menu 5 is set to AGM, you do not have make any changes if you charge lead-acid gel/agm batteries.

6.2.1 Battery equalizer

To optimize the performance of your batteries the equalizer must be enabled. Select menu 33 and set to EEN.

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