GEL Lead Acid Hoppecke battery

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January 31, 2020
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April 9, 2020

GEL Lead Acid Hoppecke battery

GEL Lead Acid battery technology has improved today with more cycles and higher discharge rates. If you want to be the fastest or best performing,  save energy and burn less fuel then our new 12V Sun Power blocks are the right investment. The Hoppecke batteries have a design life of 10-12 years, so you should not get anxious about your energy storage anymore.

Outstanding Features. Space savings up to 60% Twice the lifespan of traditional lead acid batteriesFast charging and discharging. Hight efficiency, minimal waste of energy.Up to 3000 cycles

Superior Performance. Hoppecke Lead Acid Sun Power have a realistic life expectancy of nearly 3000 cycles at depth of discharge (DOD)  OF 50%. Practically this means more energy storage compared to leisure or low cost batteries thanks to the extremely high efficiency. 

Easy Installation. The Sun Power VR-M blocks include integrated handles, inter-link cables and easily accessible poles. The batteries are mounted vertically or horizontally.

Safe Operation. Using fully insulated bolts and screws with a special access for testing the voltage, it is extra-safe for the batteries to be installed in any place. We also supply vital protection fuses between the battery and MPPT charger (inverter). This equipment is compulsory is all photovoltaic systems, find out more here

Designer and developer of solar photovoltaic systems from 1kW to Megawatt range. Steve worked for Alstom and General Electric for 11 years. He develops solar inverter and complete systems with energy storage that are affordable, easy to install, and have a quick return on investment.

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