UK Grid Certification has changed to EREC G98 and G99.

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December 17, 2019
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UK Grid Certification has changed to EREC G98 and G99.


The new standards occur from 27th of April 2019 and called Engineering Recommendation (EREC) G98 and G99.

After that day any generators connected to UK distribution will have to comply. These two regulations, published by the Energy Networks Association (ENA), replace the G83/2 and G59/3 respectively.

These new standards are applicable for all new solar, wind, battery storage, CHP and thermal generation plants that are connected to the grid, single phase and three phase installations. The standard also now addresses connection of battery storage (hybrid inverter with energy back up).

VOLTACON Inverters received the new certification.

Hybrid 3KW Single Phase Solar Inverter HSI3000 48VDC G98 G100 Compliant
Hybrid 5.5KW-E – Single Phase Solar Inverter HSI5000 48VDC. VDE0121 G99 G100 Compliant
  • Current G83/2 will be replaced with G98 (systems up to 16A per phase)
  • Current G59/3 will be replaced with G99 (systems over 16A per phase)

Any older G83/G59 devices (inverters) that are not compliant with G98/G99 will not be legally allowed to be connected to the UK distribution network from May 2019 onwards.

Please check the links below to see the G98 G99 certificates (PDF files at the end of the product descriptions)

G98 – Visit our website for G98 certificate
G99 – Visit our website for G99 certificate

For more information and technical clarifications you can contact our technical team

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