Pylontech renames for US2000 lithium batteries.

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July 25, 2019
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September 16, 2019

Pylontech renames for US2000 lithium batteries.

Announcement from Pylontech Lithium Batteries. US2000B-Plus renamed US2000

From June 2019, all the US2000B and US2000B Plus batteries will be renamed simply US2000. For certification purposes we had to maintain the name without the abbreviation B or B-Plus. We have added a link to our data base with a clear comparison between the new and old Lithium battery US-2000.

US2000B: 100%DOD dischargable. 80%DOD depends on the inverter. It is the old version and can not be upgraded due to hardware differences.

US2000B Plus: Now we has been renamed to US2000, just for certification requirements.
The new version is compatible the with the old version. That means the new battery is used as Master Battery to establish smooth communication with the old batteries.
The communication between master battery and inverter is just sending message to the inverter. Battery send current suggestion value and the inverter follow this value. This is the only control info. The key task of the master battery is to command the inverter to charge at the right current (Amp rating), the inverter tracks this information accurately.

Combined Installation of Pylontech Batteries. US200B & US2000 Plus

Front profile differences between US2000 and US2000 Plus
Front profile differences between US2000 and US2000 Plus

– It is no problem for install a US2000 Plus in any position of the battery
pile, if the US2000 Plus is set the same baud rate with other US2000B.
– For easier installation we parallel connect the US2000 Plus battery just
after the US2000B batteries.

Software differences

Error: including MOSFET Fail, inversed, Power Input Over Voltage,
MainBus Error, Temperature Error, Cells Sampling Error, Address Error,
Internal Communication Error.

Note: All Dry Contact are invalid (in OPEN status) when the battery is OFF.
After the battery is ON then they can start to work.

RJ45 Communication Cable for BMS – Configuration for Voltronic & Voltacon

The complete range of US2000 batteries with accessories are available at competitive prices on our webshop. You can follow the link here

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