Solar project for our Warehouse

Voltacon Inverters in Mount Athos (Agio Oros)
February 10, 2016

Solar project for our Warehouse

Earlier this year we installed four Mastervolt On-Grid inverters (Soladin 3000) in our warehouse in Coventry, as you can see in the featured photo. We will use these inverters in combination with 11.5 KW Solar Panels, a total of 46. The return on investment for our system is 4 years and the estimated energy production is 13.000 KWh per year. To make an idea of what 13.000 KWh mean, this amount of energy will be enough for you to:

  • use your washing machine to wash 80 tons of clothes or
  • keep a LED Bulb turned on continuously for 150 years.

So with the energy produced in 13 years and couple of months we could keep a 10W LED Bulb on from year 1 until today, 2016.


We prepared a special offer for you. The Soladin 3000 inverters will be on sale until 20th of March.

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If you want to switch to a clean source of energy or you just want to save money on electricity, a configuration similar to ours is suitable for most home installations. Not sure on how to get started? Contact us now, either by email at or by phone at +44 (0) 2477 675 575 and we will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you have. You might also want to check our other products on where you can find plenty of solar panels and inverters to chose from.

To maximize the efficiency of your new renewable energy set-up, we always recommend to switch to LED solutions too. Even if you don’t generate solar energy, you will still greatly benefit from LED lighting by drastically reducing your electricity bill. You can find a large spectre of products of the highest possible quality on, our LED Lighting division shop. For inquiries regarding LED Lights, you can call us on the same phone number, +44 (0) 2477 675 575 or you can email us at

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Designer and developer of solar photovoltaic systems from 1kW to Megawatt range. Steve worked for Alstom and General Electric for 11 years. He develops solar inverter and complete systems with energy storage that are affordable, easy to install, and have a quick return on investment.

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